Process for Acquiring New Meter Set

1. Know the exact location of the property and its physical address.
2. We have to have a copy of your recorded General Warranty Deed to show ownership of the property.
3. All people named on the Warranty Deed will be required to sign a Water Users Agreement in the office.
4. You will need to make full payment for the meter set at the time of sign-up. You will then be placed on the list.  Normally it will take two to three weeks before the meter is actually set, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.  

5. The costs of meter set will be determined by whether or not the water main is on your property or across a          gravel or blacktop road. 

6. On your property off the main water line cost is $1750.00
   Road crossing -  the cost is $1750.00 plus any additonal cost it takes to there. ( pipe, gravel, asphalt, time).       Anything above the $1750.00 will be billed after the meter is set.

7. MODOT road crossing is between property owner and contractor and owner pays the meter set cost. 


All line extensions must be approved by the Board of Directors at a regular scheduled Board Meeting.  This is at the expense of the landowner(s).


After you become a customer of the District you will be required to make monthly payments for availability and/or for water used each month.